Kevin Mattson has been involved in aviation since 1978. He is presently a B738 Captain based out of Auckland NZ, and lives in the Waikato near Hamilton. Kevin has flown for a number of airlines, both locally and abroad and Captained a B777 for 10 years. Having lived abroad for 28 years, he returned to New Zealand where he became involved in his real passion - flying Light Sport Aircraft/Microlight Class 2 aircraft, namely the BushCat/Cheetah by Rainbow Skyreach, South Africa.

He did his first flight in a 65Hp Rotax 582 powered tail Dragger Cheetah in 2005 and was so impressed that he was determined to own one, eventually taking delivery of his own Cheetah XLST 912s powered aircraft in 2012. With this passion in tow, Kevin has subsequently gone on to become the Australasian agent for Skyreach’s range of BushCat Taildragger, Tricycle and Amphibious LSA/Microlight Class 2 aircraft. The BushCat being the latest development of the Cheetah XLS with refinements made to the gear and brake system. (see video for more info on this).

Kevin has been instructor-rated since 1982 and in 2013 became a Sport Aviation Corp. Microlight Instructor. So, to experience how easy these aircraft are to fly and handle on the ground, give Kevin a call to arrange a Demo flight in one of his Cheetah/BushCat Taildraggers.

BushCat Aviation offers the best value for money when considering all this smart, strong little aircraft can do for just
NZ $93 000.00 (subject to exchange rates, aircraft specifications and shipping costs, excluding GST). BushCat Kits are also available, with an assembly time of approximately 200hrs.